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The good friend gene: am I doomed to remain single for EVER?

Posted by Alice Challet - alicethefrog on January 16, 2011

Like any girl I am always on the prowl, keeping my eyes open for Mr Perfect, Mr Prince Charming, or maybe even just some guy. As it happens, my life is full of very handsome, charming young men who unfortunately are just not interested in me. Well they are, but not “like that”. They like me very much, they love talking to me, I am their confidante even, but they “don’t think of me that way”. In fact: “Let’s just be friends”.


Had I had this sort of conversation only once, it would not be so much of a problem, but when you reach your tenth or eleventh relegation to the friendship zone, you may start to wonder: could it be something to do with me? Do I emit some sort of “friendship” hormone which makes every one of my male acquaintances describe me as nice? Oh yes I am nice enough. Too nice for my own good even. So nice that I will swallow back my feelings when, out of the blue, you start asking me for advice about how to reclaim the heart of your ex-girlfriend (incidentally -and you know who you are-, that really hurts). But why? Why? WHY is it?

Since I have spent the past two weeks producing essays in the ultra-organised-french-essay-writing fashion, I will build my argument and analysis around three major aspects, each step of my reasoning separated into paragraphs (preferably three, each corresponding to one specific idea, with a pertinent example to illustrate it).

Naaaah, only kidding, can’t be bothered; I’ll just carry on ranting instead. Pondering the possible reasons for this curse:

Is it something about french men? Am I too boringly gallic for them? Should i go back to Germany and have all those teutonic blond young men fall for my “süßes, sexy, französiches Akzent”? Am I too nice? I have spent years shaking off my previous defining adjective: “sweet”, only to have this other one stuck to me like a label on a jam jar. But what would be the trick to remove a tenacious imaginary sticker? Because if it can help, I would be willing to submit myself to any metaphorical equivalent to boiling water and a brillo pad that you can come up with.


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