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Starting afresh: un-New-year’s resolutions for today (yes, again)

Posted by Alice Challet - alicethefrog on January 18, 2011

For those of you who were already aware of my blog’s existence, you may have noticed that this is somewhat of a repeat. For those who hadn’t a clue: well it’s pretty obvious in the title anyway, and I won’t be cross-referencing so you should be fine. The point is, I was having a bit of  a writer’s block today, and lists are always an easy thing. For example, here is a quick list of the things I could talk about today, but won’t: starting karate; changing my plans for the future; the constant litter on our front door; the gardening-inducing weather and the lack of garden on my top-floor flat; holiday plans… etc.

See: easy.

But anyways, revenons à nos moutons. Resolutions: I need to make some and write them down. Publishing them on this blog really helped the last time: exposing your failings to public scrutiny seems to be a good incentive. And also a good means of procrastinating: while I am writing those resolutions down, I am also postponing the fatidic moment when I will start living by them. Today is my making lists day: tomorrow will be the start of my new year. The Chinese, Christian Orthodox, Japanese, Tamil… have their own so why shouldn’t I? From now on, the 19th of January will be the first day of the AmphibianAlice calendar.

Seriously though, I need to make some improvements in the way I lead my life, and you will notice that unlike my previous new year (which started on the 9th of November), the following list includes a lot of habit-type resolutions. Things I will have to do on a regular basis. It just dawned on me during my exams that I simply didn’t work enough. Like my mam says: if I want to do something, I have to give myself the necessary means. This, it would seem involves a lot of studying.  I kinda knew I wasn’t working enough: I was bright-ish at school and never really needed to put in a terrible amount of personal effort into my studies; now’s the time to change that! So here goes:

– Every morning I will arrive at Uni before 9:15 or 8:30 am (having watched German channel arte on the telly) and open up the library where I will work and read german newspapers until my lessons start.

– Every week translate the headline articles of “die Zeit”

– As soon as I get paid, purchase a swimming pool card and go once or twice a week (do it girl, stop talking about it!)

– Always concentrate during trainings, even if/ especially when I am tired or in a bad mood

– Try not to leave my lessons till the very last minute. (try not to leave everything till the very last minute; and that includes administration)

– Either stop obsessing about being single or do it more scientifically and be funny about it, not sour or despondent (I know it may be weird, but I really like that word: despondent)

– Will keep to the strict-ish timetable I will set up tonight (and set myself exercices and everything…): let’s prove all of them wrong, who think all linguists are lazy. I know I am, but I’ll try and fight against it. You watch me…

-actually learn my Russian vocabulary

– Cook more / Eat less

– Of course at the back of my mind there are also the usual : lose weight, cycle more often, smile more, live more healthily, take more photos, be more artistic, etc, etc…

As you may have noticed, most of these have something to do with studying and improving my German. An lecturer let drop after one of my exams that I had really better spend another year in Germany before I even attempt applying to the ESIT translation school in Paris. I had a vague feeling my spoken german wasn’t good enough, but reality catches up with us all in the end. I guess next year’s destination will shift to Regensburg 430 km further away from Paris than I am now, and ever so slightly more to the east… Anyway, the bottom line of it all is that I need to improve: if I do end up in Regensburg in Bayern ( Ratisbon and Bavaria to you and me), I will have to attend proper university courses and lectures entirely in German, and I doubt the lecturers will stop and translate everything for me, so I’d better be up to it. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I’ll let you know if I’m sticking to my resolutions at all or if it’s just been a waste of an hour. I’ll come back to this post in one month and if I’ve kept any of my promises I’ll cross them out.

I think I’m starting to understand my aunt Hilary’s enthusiasm for lists.


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Un-New-year’s resolutions for today.

Posted by Alice Challet - alicethefrog on November 9, 2010

Why is it, that every one or two weeks, I have to give myself a shake and say: “come on girl, open your books and study!”?

After all, my official social status (other than single) is : student. So why, Why WHY? It feels like it is January the first every second day and every second day I have to make new resolutions. Well, not new – the same, in fact. Study more, eat less, spend less… and just generally be more reasonable. Obviously not as easy as it sounds. I don’t know what it is which makes me put my books aside every day for a few minutes and then forget about them for several hours. It isn’t for lack of motivation I am sure. This year for the first time in a very long time I have a very good reason to work hard, a short-term project (passing ESIT admissions exams) for a long-term goal (getting what I want out of life). Nor is it because I don’t like what i study. Admittedly there are a couple of subjects or lecturers with which I have some difficulty, but overall I like my course, and there is never want for homework, even just in the subjects I really enjoy! So what is it then. My mam could tell you in a second, and really, even I have a bad feeling I know what it is: laziness.

Ouch. It hurts a little. But I will not use this as an excuse to give up and moan about my uselessness for the next couple of hours. Instead, I will be productive and get some bloody work done. Where shall I start? I have many things to do, and actually, I will write a list, and come and tick things off it when they’re done! Aha! There’s a way of ensuring I study properly, since I would not like to disappoint you, dear reader, and will complete all those over the next couple of days (I hope)

-Catch up on last week’s lessons which I missed to stay with my sister in hospital

– Get started on my presentation on Bulgarian folk music, dancing and singing. I must establish a plan for the presentation, decide which general aspects I will approach and how. Shall I make this small group of not necessarily very dynamic people dance? It would certainly make a change from our usual lessons which mainly consist of us sitting round a computer looking at pictures.

-Do my russian homework.

-Translation from German to French

-Finish my translation project for LudoLangue. I have added the link here but they seem to have website difficulties at the moment. I’ll probably write a post about them. their work is well worth it. I’m doing some French => English translation for them, but not nearly regularly enough. If I don’t do it now, they might write me off as useless…

Finish reading “Das Treibhaus”. Yes I know, I was supposed to have done that ages ago.

-Fill in the required forms so I can get paid in December (very important)

– Re-boot my computer completely and install a parallel Ubuntu system to the Windows I am currently using and which of course belongs to the soul-destroying company called Microsoft (or so I have been told)

– Sort out my room and put posters on the walls.

-Write a piece about my grandma


-Go to the loo (necessary to mention at this point, and wil very soon be ticked off the list)

So basically nothing too unpleasant. I’ll keep you posted!

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