The Little French English Improvement Project

little french person trying to improve her english, little french english person trying to improve herself, french english person trying to improve a little bit… and blogging along the way. (Now in Deutschland)


Hello people,

I suddenly realised there was an “about” section. Yay! Yet even more space for me to write inane thoughts… But honestly, should you want to know more about who I am and why I am writing this blog, I suggest you read my first and second post, on the 15th of October 2010. More will probably come to me as I go along, but these first two posts pretty much sum me up.

But basically, for the people who can’t be bothered to go back two or three years, my name’s Alice, and this blog is my attempt at getting used to write in English on a (more or less) regular basis. I’ve lived most of my life in France but have moved around a little. Right now I’m sitting tight in Berlin and looking for work.

And by the way, please feel free to comment! I’ll be writing pretty much anything and everything; no reason why you shouldn’t…


One Response to “About”

  1. julie challet said

    love you so much and miss you even more…. this is for the day that you get back to your blogXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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